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Aeb - Bareback Teen Dream

Aeb is a 19 yr old teen gogo princess dancing at a Pattaya club. The way she moves it's easy can tell she LOVES to dance, gyrating her slim hips and matching legs to the music. I made eye contact with her on stage and motioned for a lady drink from the waitress. On this night the gogo was packed, and this fine piece of Thai ass was already sitting with a customer. The waitress came to me and I pointed at Aeb and said a tequila for her. The waitress said ok, then when she returned with the drink said Aeb had a customer and can just have the drink. Sure, I'll see how this turns out. Well I don't know what happened but after 5 minutes her current customer left leaving Aeb all for me. She came over and smiled big and sat her small buns on my lap. I fondled her titties and caressed her ass. It was now that Aeb told me her name, age and that she was from Pattaya. Also that she is 41kg and 160cm. It must have been cold in the gogo because her skin was covered in goosebumps. I paid Aeb's 600 baht barfine and we went upstairs for shorttime lovin. The room was spacious, same with the bathroom. Funny thing in the bathroom was the urinal was mounting on the wall very high. You'd have to be a 200cm tall guy (or have a dick like a rope) just to get your cock over the lip of it. Aeb and I showered and I caressed her pristine body in the shower. We were both clean and headed to bed. Immediately I went down on Aeb, enjoying the taste of her teen slit. One of Aeb's pussylips was longer than the other and made for a nice meal as I lapped greedily at her sweet pussy. When I went down to Aeb's asshole to lick she danced her hips away from me. It didn't slow me down. I held her hips firm and circled her butthole with my tongue. Aeb had mentioned wanted to give me a blowjob in her bar so laid back in bed and let her work her magic. Aeb softly sucked the tip of my cock, not taking it in very deep. Aeb seemed inexperienced in her attempts but still her soft lips felt nice as she serviced me. I rose up and rubbed my bare cock against her wet box. Aeb looked at my cock without a condom and said "I like small." Not letting that revelation hurt my ego I went right into her wet teen box. Aeb's pussy was soaking but her body didn't open all the way while I fucked her. Half my dick went inside her box and Aeb reached down and rubbed her clit. She made noises like a little monkey while I thrusted into her box. Missionary wasn't her favorite position so I flipped Aeb to doggystyle and went to town! I pushed down on Aeb's lower back making her ass arch against my hard cock. Now with Aeb trained into position I grabbed her hips and pounded away. Looking down her butthole was so inviting so I rubbed it with my thumb. Aeb reached back to protect her backdoor which gave me a chance to pin her arm behind her back and fuck her even harder. Damn her sopping pussy felt amazing and I pulled out and showered her buns with a big creamy load. Aeb could use more training so if you see her and are up for the challenge go for it!