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Amp - Ass-to-Waist Ratio Heaven

One look at Amp's body and my cock was raging to get inside this beauty. Especially her strong legs and big firm bubble butt, capped off with a tiny waist. Amp has a big smile and after light kissing and petting at her bar we went short time. In the room Amp was a stickler for a condom so I fucked her missionary and doggystyle with it on. Her pussy was expremely wet and even with the rubber felt nice. As I got close to cumming I pulled off the comdom and played the timeless game of "just the tip". I jerked my cock off furiously against her soaking gash, smacking her cunt as my cockhead wedged inside her unprotected pussy. Amp wiggled a little then accepted her duty with her ass high in the air. Looking down at her spread meaty buns and pretty asshole, while her pussy juices bathed my cock did it and I started to spurt all over Amp's buns. She giggled then went off to the shower for a ritual bargirl cleaning. Amp's smile and body make her A+ Pattaya gf material and highly recommended.