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Beer - Amazing titty teenager

There are times when you are on the Thai pussy hunt and the stars align. Meaning you trip over the hottest girl at the gogo and she is all over you like a long lost love. I had just ordered my beer and looked onstage to check out the girls. After a quick scan my eyes met this incredible sight. This bright eye teen with GIANT natural tits was glowing and staring back at me. I had the biggest smile on earth and immediately motioned for her to get a lady drink. She came off stage and said her name was Beer, 19 years old from Udon. She was a little shy and tried sitting next to me. Since she only weighed 37 kg it was easy to pick her up and set her on my lap. We cheers'ed and downed our drinks. Beer took an extra interest in me, pinching my nose and saying the thing most Thai girls say that they like Farang noses. I fondled her tits and expressed admiration in her teen milk sacks and she giggled. Time for another drink! Beer liked Sambucas so we did our shots and I pitched a short time offer to her. It was nice to see Beer jump at the offer and run off to go change. She came back in a girlfriend dress and off we went. We went to a nearby short time room and went to town. Beer's body was so petite and tasty I just dove right in. Lapping at her pussy like a man who hadn't had a meal in weeks. Beer loved having her snatch licked and her puffy teen pussylips quivered as I licked and mauled her big tits. With her pussy slick with her juices and my spit I climbed on and slide my bare cock into Beer. Her eyes were wide and I had a good look at her sweet face and blue contact lens. It was surreal pounding this Thai teen piece of ass. Her titty bounced all over her chest and I grasped them with both hands and drilled into her. Wanting to try at least one more position I flipped beer over and fucked her doggystyle. She had a slight balloon knot for an asshole and a little bit of a spotty ass. But it didn't matter and held her small waist and pounded away. As my orgasm hit swear I experienced as much bliss as possible on this planet. I slipped my camera back in my pocket and went off to see what else awaited in the night.