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Bent - Big brown ass condom trickery

Bent's ass caught my eyes first at her gogo, framed beautifully in a black g-string with garters and stockings. She was barefoot and about to perform some kind of show on stage. I bought her a lady drink, and Bent immediately started kissing me. We cheers'd drinks and down went a shot of tequila down Bent's throat. She bounced on my lap and since she didn't go to her show yet I bought her another. Bent told me she LOVED tequila and fondled my cock through my pants. We continued to drink and after another 10 minutes I asked her about the show. She went to the DJ booth and came back, saying there was something wrong with the sound for the show. I took this opportunity to get her one more drink and see if Bent wanted to go short time. She smiled big and said yes! Bent did tell me her barfine was 1000 baht, since she was a lady show. A little high, but what the hell. I knew she's be a great lay and paid the barfine without hesitation. As Bent went to the back room to change I told her to bring her garters to the short time. Bent came back a few minutes later in a girlfriend dress. Hoping she had the garters in her purse we went off to a nearby 400 baht short time room. As we started to undress I asked her about the garters. She looked at me puzzled and figured she didn't have an idea what I was talking about. There was no time for disappointment because once my eyes feasted on her shaved pussy I could think of nothing other than getting my tongue inside. Bent laid on the bed with her legs spread and I lapped at her dark pussy. Bent's mouth opened and her arm draped over her eyes while I munched on her box. Pushing her big thighs I licked into Bent's asshole and pushed my tongue inside. Bent ground her crotch into my face. My nose into her pussy while swirling my tongue around her asshole. Bent grabbed a condom, rolling it onto my cock. I was rock hard so figured we could try this for a while to see what happened. I fucked her missionary, driving deep and hard into her shaved wet slit. Bent must have rolled on the thickest condom of all time and I couldn't feel a thing. I had her move doggystyle with her ass in the air. While I licked her pussy more I sneakily took off the condom and stroked my bare dick. Bent was moist with her back arched and pussy high and open. I aimed my cock against her unprotected hole and rubbed the tip against her pussy lips. Bent started to rock back against my erection. Obviously she didn't notice I didn't have on the condom and I easily slipped into her. Bent's pussy was so wet and silky that I had to muster all the will-power I could to not blow my load inside her after just a minute. I fucked her deep, using my weight to press her into the mattress and drive my shaft home inside her. Bent's back was starting to perspire and I licked off her sweet scented sweat. In a a quick motion I pulled out of Bent and flipped her onto her back. I wanted to be deep inside her. Bent slightly lifted her thighs and my cock was slowly rocking inside her balls deep. I kissed Bent, wetly licking her lips and tongue. After just a few minutes of this I pulled out and came on the crown where Bent's pubic hair would have been. Bent looked down and said "condom?" and I pointed to the spent condom laying on the side of the bed. She smiled, either thinking I was wearing it or that it wasn't lost inside her. In either case I got my nut with this gorgeous gogo babe. Bent is 100% recommended for the short or longtime experience of your life.