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Cat - Beerbar bareback

Walking up one of the Pattaya Soi's my eyes caught something that stopped me in my tracks. This girl with long legs was bent over a pool table making a shot. I watched her make a couple shots when another girl in the bar yelled "hey green shirt, sexy man, come for drink." I happened to be wearing a green shirt so figured that was directed at me lol. So went in for a beer. A few girls were at the bar and this long legged babe came over and smiled. I bought 3 girls at the bar drinks including long legs and we all drank together. Long legs said her name is Cat and 23 years old. Cat was shy and something about her style made me attracted to her. The pool game ended so I played a two games with her. I was pretty drunk so don't remember if I won or not. Think I lost because ended up buying more drinks for Cat and her girlfriends. Cat was all over me now, rubbing my cock through my jeans while trying to make pool shots and distracting me by lifting her skirt. Now that I think of it no wonder I lost! After the game was over we did a round of Sambuka shots and I asked Cat if she wanted short time. She smiled big and said yes so paid her 300 bar barfine and we went to a close room to make sweet love together. In the room I pulled up her miniskirt and went down on her immediately. Cat's pussy was SO pretty and clean. And tasty. I couldn't get inside her fast enough and my cock slipped easily balls deep in her shaved slit. I pounded Cat and pulled out, blasting her pretty pussy with cum. We showered and kissed bye and went our separate ways. Couldn't be a better night in Pattaya.