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Chon - Drunk condom trickery

Cruising Nakula road I spotted a bunch of rowdy girls at a beer bar. It looked festive so stopped for a drink. Chon came right up, and smiled big with her orange braces and pushed her tongue in my mouth. Her breath tasted heavy of Sangsom soda and she declared with a slur, "I'm druuuunk!" After finishing my 6th beer of the night I had to piss, and went to the bathroom. I started emptying my bladder into the urinal and after just a few moments Chon stumbled in and came over to inspect my cock. She smiled then went over to the toilet to piss saying we will fuck all night together. I laughed when she also said she likes to "eat hotdog" while playing with my cock, hope it didn't mean actually eating it lol. In any case I was sold on fucking this sweet-faced bird. Paid Chon's barfine and we went off to Pattaya short time room. Chon insisted on a condom so we bought a pack at the hotel. Chon immediately started sucking my cock and fondled my balls at the same time. I returned the favor, licking her sweet shaved pussy. She moans LOUDLY as I flicked at her clit. Chon fumbled with the condom box and rolled the rubber on my dick. I fucked her missionary then doggystyle, with Chon really getting into it and VERY vocal. In doggystyle I pulled out and slipped off the condom, then went right back into her unprotected bargirl pussy. I plowed into Chon and admired her wrinkled butthole and brown buns. Chon reached underneath and played with her clit and massaged my balls. After 5 minutes Chon rubbed my shaft then realized the condom wasn't on. She pleaded for another condom as I rolled her over missionary. My cock rubbed against her incredibly wet cunt telling her I would pull out when I cum. Chon bit her lip and I slid fully into her bareback. Chon squealed with delight, wrapping her legs around my back while I pounded her. True to my word when the time came to pop I pulled out and shot my load all over her belly. Chon collapsed in the bed still covered with my load and started to drift off to sleep. I left her tip, and headed out the door into the cool Pattaya night.