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Donut - New mommy condom trickery

Donut's smile is so big and bright it's like getting two smiles at once! I was surprised to hear she's 25 since Donut had that nice farm freshness that only comes from girls right from the village. I was driving past her beer bar and saw her dancing away on the street and had to stop. Inside her bar we had shisha and drinks. I could tell Donut had a baby, and she told me her baby was 1 years old. My mind was floating with ideas of breast milk from this new mommy and after drinks we went short time. Donut immediately stripped down and asked if I wanted to shower. All the while grabbing my cock and slipping her tongue in my mouth. Her big teeth banged against my lips and her tongue darted into my mouth. I played with her pussy mound while we french kissed and Donut became sopping wet. After fooling around in bed Donut went for a condom. Ok, I thought until she opened the package. OH NO. Donut pulled out the anti-Christ of condoms, one that is bright red and flavored. No idea if it was cherry or strawberry but these condoms have a stickiness that would kill even the most die-hard mongers erection. I fucked Donut's gaping slit missionary with the condom on then flipped her doggystyle. While I licked her pussy and ass to make her wet again (those condoms suck the moisture from a pussy). While lapping at Donut's o-ring I slipped off the condom. Donut's eyes were closed and her ass in the air. I had to get inside this little mommy with my bare cock. I rubbed my cockhead against her clit and went all the way in. My balls were swinging as I jackhammered into Donut's unprotected pussy. She rocked back to meet me and I played with her asshole, slipping the tip of my finger inside. After about 10 minutes of this I flipped Donut over. Donut looked down and saw there was no condom. At this point it either didn't register or she didn't care. I went back in balls deep and made sweet love to Donut. While we fucked I licked her ears then the nape of her neck. By the time my mouth made it's way back to her lips Donuts mouth was open and receptive. I licked her big teeth and let heavy strings of saliva drip into Donut's mouth. She swallowed it all kissing me more with each mouthful she devoured. I started to cum, my cock throbbing inside her. Donut instinctively grabbed my ass and kept me inside. After a few shots deep I finished off with a crown of sperm where her pussy hair would be. Perfect experience with a perfect Thai mommy. The only downside was Donut didn't have any breast milk to feast on. I'll get over that :)