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Ip - Condom trickery

This cutie dances at a Soi LK gogo in Pattaya. 22 years old with a ass-to-waist ratio to die for. Wasn't planning on taking a girl but as soon as Ip plopped her soft ass on my lap I was smitten. A few drinks later I was happily paying her 600 baht barfine and stumbling around to find the nearest short time room. The closest hotel charged 400 baht for short time, which is a little pricey. But good to pay for convenience and I could not wait to get my dick inside this sweetheart. As soon as my pants came off my dick was rock hard and immediately Ip slide a condom on me. Ok, lets give it a try for a while. I licked her tasty pussy and asshole and Ip moaned in pleasure. Her pussy was dripping wet as I plunged deep inside her. Ip had her eyes closed in pleasure and we tongue kissed. I had to see that ass doggystyle. When Ip turned off I slide off the condom and started licking her ass and pussy again. Ip slumped down and arched her ass, pushing her ass skyward. Her pussy was open and I lapped at her while smacking her big ass cheeks. Rising up I pressed my now bareback cock against her slick slit. Ip instinctively started bucking back against me and my raw cock stabbed inside her pink box. It was bareback heaven being inside Ip and I pounded her fast like a hairy jackrabbit. Feeling I was going to cum I pulled out and shot jizz on Ip's pussy and buns. Look at that beautiful smile. In a perfect world that's the kind of face wouldn't mind coming home to every night.