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Jeabby - Bkk fat ass beerbar milf

If you stumble around Nana during the daytime, head down Sukumvit to the Soi 7 area. There's always a good selection of whores available. Daytime generally means milfs, so if that's your thing you'll be in heaven! Jeabby was lazily having a noontime beer at her bar, and called over the railing to me "hey sexy man!" I looked up and she flashed open her thick legs showing no panties up her miniskirt. Knowing she'd be an easy lay I bough her a beer and quickly took this milf to the nearest dirty short time room to fuck. I bend Jeabby over the bed and threw her miniskirt to her waist. Jeabby stayed submissively while I unzipped my fly and freed my sweaty cock. No shower, just pushed my bareback cock into her wet mommy cunt. Jeabby didn't mention a condom at all, and bopped her big ass back on my dick. Jeabby took my cock like the pro she is and only stopped to between to taste her cunt juice off me. I plowed into her shaved plump pussy and unloaded onto her fat Thai ass. Jeabby wiped my sperm off her ass and without showering pulled back down her skirt and went back to her bar. What a proper Bangkok street whore!