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Jen - Period bareback

Jen is one of those girls there's no way to say to. It was near 1am and that jen's beaming smile met me coming in the door. Honestly i'd forgotten she worked there but was happy to see her again. The last time we fucked I heard angels singing so was looking forward to a repeat. After a few drinks and her eyes hypnotizing me we went short time. Jen wanted a shower first but I wouldn't hear of it. I slide off her black panties and ate Jen's delicious box. I sucked on her clit and licked inside her sweet slit down to her asshole, then back up again. Jen's eyes were closed and hand gripping the sheets. Pussy juice covered my face as I went up and place my cock against her wet opening. The first go I went into Jen missionary style, bareback inside her wet pussy. I rocked back and forth inside her mushy babymaker while kissing her everywhere. Jen kissed my neck while I licked her small nipples and earlobes. Her brown legs clamped around me and I blasted a HUGE load deep inside her. Jen went to the shower and I slowly followed her. Seeing her small brown buns in the dim bathroom light all wet made my dick start growing again. I went int the shower with her, soaping her flawless body from head to toe. I was rock hard again now and went back into the bedroom still dripping water from the shower. I laid on my back and Jen lovingly sucked my cock. I swung her pussy over my face and we 69'ed together. Jen really got into it and sat on my face, grinding her freshly fucked pussy on my face. This girl tastes so good. I wanted pictures of her again so Jen went doggystyle and I started fucking her again. That's where the pictures start. I grabbed Jen's tanline buns and fucked her deep, cumming inside her for the second time. Jen arched her ass and accepted my load inside. It was then I noticed a little blood and Jen said she was expecting her period. Well at least I know she won't be getting knocked up. At least not today ;)