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Lin - iBar pickup bareback

iBar on Walking Street is possibly the best freestyle pickup spot in the entire world. I went in with just the idea to smoke Sheesha and check out the girls. If you haven't tried it Sheesha is something you smoke and comes in different flavors. The most common are apple, mint and grape. It's relaxing, gets you a little high and looks cool when you do it right. Also another way to have girls come over because they want to try it too. This night iBar was packed with an unusually high amount of hot ass. Really, you didn't know where to look because every girl who walked by was as hot as the last. I drank, smoked and flirted with a few girls when Lin came over with her beer and a big smile. I was SOLD! She took a big hit of the Sheesha and blew it out her nose like a little bull. So so hot. Lin is a petite little thing, maybe 145cm and 20 yrs old. We proceeded to get rip roaring drunk together and went home together to sleep it off. We fucked, puked, slept, fucked and slept all day. I came inside Lin's tight pussy 6 times throughout the early morning through mid afternoon. The hotel must have been pumping in Viagra oxygen because my cock just couldn't get enough of this little babe with pretty eyes. I <3 Lin for sure.