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Luk - 30yr old happy bareback

I looked across a busy Walking Street gogo and my eyes met a girl with a big happy smile. I couldn't really see her body since she was sitting down so bought her a lady drink to have her come over. The girl bounced up and came dancing over to me with the biggest smile. It was a great sight. She wrapped her arms around me for a hug and immediately kissed me and smiled. I asked her name and she said Luk. 30 years old and 38kg Luk grinded her soft little ass into my lap and smiled and giggled. Pure joy. A few drinks later we went short time and have to day, it could not have been better. As I entered the short time room another girl was leaving the same room. That girl was ADORABLE and grabbed my cock as she left with a load probably still dripping from her slit. A maid followed us into the room to changed out the sheets. The room smelled of sweat and perfume so for sure something filthy happened in there. I undressed as the maid finished making the bed with Luk helping her. The maid left the room Luk took off her flimsy goog outfit and climbed right on top of me. Her tongue snaked in my mouth as my barecock rubbed against her box. As we kissed I reached around her buns and touched Luk's pussy. It was SOAKING wet and my fingers slipped right in. Luk kissed me more and moved her hips. My dick sunk all the way inside and she started bouncing up and down like she was riding a pogo stick. Luk still had her big smile, giggling as my bare cock went all the way inside her. I picked Luk up and fucked her on the desk in the room. Her ass was on my camera and phone and I fucked her hard. The desk smacked against the wall and Luk rubbed her clit. Since my camera was nearby this was when I started taking pics. We went back to the bed and fucked in every position. Check out the cowgirl pictures. That smile was how Luk was the entire time. It was magical! I moved Luk back into missionary and slowly grinded deep in her box. Feeling my orgasm building I told Luk I was going to cum. She didn't seem to understand a word I said so I pretended to cum inside her. Luk's eyes got big then smiled, holding my ass to trap my sperm in her. I smiled at her and started to fucked her more so she knew I didn't cum yet. We kissed and I licked her neck up to her ears. Luk was very ticklish and shook her head when I tried kissing her ears. To which I grabbed both her hands, pinning them above her head and licked her armpits. Luk LOVEED this, bucking her hips uncontrollably and mashing her pussy onto my dick. I started to cum, first inside her pussy then pulled out for the rest outside. Fucks like this are EXACTLY what Pattaya is all about.