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Mai - Lactating 21yr old bareback

Writing this story I still have the sweet smell of breat milk on me. Last night went into Nana Plaza in Bangkok to see whats new. The plaza was alive with action and beautiful girls (and Ladyboys everywhere). I went into one of the 2nd level gogos and IMMEDIATELY locked eyes with this young, cute, smiling, bubble butt princess. Dancing on stage in a white g-string and no top, her booty and boobies bouncing to the beat. I sat down and ordered a drink for myself and one right away for her. She smiled even bigger seeing the lady drink order and I sipped my cocktail while waiting for her. This bar makes you wait until the song rotation is finished to have the girl come to you. Normally I greatly dislike this practice but she was close to the end of the stage and so cute I didn't mind. The last song finished and she came up to me and wrapped her slim arms around my neck and gave a sweet kiss on the cheek. I asked her name, and she said Mai and she comes from northern Thailand. As she went between my legs I wrapped my hands around her petite mid section. It was only then that I noticed she had a little softness on her belly and knew she had a baby. I was surprised; the gogo lighting is brilliant at hiding things like this. I cupped her boobies and asked her and she said she had a baby "6". I was shocked and said "6 years old?????" And Mai said "no only 6 months." My look of surprised switched to one of bliss as I moved my hands up to her full small breasts and asked if she had milk. She shyly smile and said "yes" and will a small squeeze of the outside of her nipples breast milk immediately started squirting out. It was heavenly!!!! I asked if Mai wanted short time and she kissed my lips and said yes. Then said "2000 ok?" No problem, and knew this little darling would be especially happy with her extra tip. I paid her 600 baht barfine and Mai went to the bar room of the gogo to change. Mai came back out dressed in a flowery girlfriend dress and that same wonderful smile. We went hand in hand to one of the Nana short time rooms. The rooms had alot of activity, people coming and going and alot of guys just hanging out near them. An odd sight. Figured it was guys waiting on their friends to finish but not sure why they wouldn't just wait in one of the nearby brilliant gogos and see girls. Oh well. The price for the room was 350 baht and as soon as the door of the ST room closed the magic began. We hugged for a few moments, then started softly tongue kissing together. Mai melted in my arms, her 37kg little mommy body was putty in my hands. I undressed Mai, slipping her dress over her head. Under the dress she was wearing jean shorts and stood there topless as we kissed again. Next came off her shorts and panties. Mai's pussy smelled of sweet sweat and I kissed her pubic hair causing her to giggle. I had basically ripped off my own clothes at this point and we rolled onto bed together. I reached behind and touched her pussy while my cock bumped again her wet slit. Mai half asked for a condom, then as my cock entered her mommy box and sunk easily inside she mumbled something about extra tip and started to ride me. I grabbed Mai's titties and milk squirted immediately from her ripe boobs and over my chest. I lifted my head to her nipples and started drinking her tasty milk down. Mai was soaking wet and bouncing on my cock. If not for wanting to get extra pics I could have easily dropped a big load inside her right then and there. Wet went through missionary and doggystyle, with Mai taking me balls deep in her stretched mommy box. Even though she had a baby not long before her pussy was mushy and felt great. Whenever I pulled out of her Mai's cunt gaped wide and could see almost all the way inside her. I pumped a big load into this little babe, wanting to see her knocked up again by a short time stranger. As my swimmers went deep Mai doggystyle Mai reached underneath and milked my ballsack softly with her little hands. Fully spent I withdrew and turned her over again. I nursed on Mai for a few minutes relishing her nutrient rich mommy milk. We went and showered and I noticed now how much milk was covering me. I was soaked! Also had some cum on the shaft of my dick from cream-pieing her gaping pussy. We showered together, Mai made cute goofy faces for the photos. Mai is a billion percent recommended and an incredible breeding Bangkok babe.