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Mam - Soapy table condom trickery

Here's a tip if you've never been to a gogo before: If a gogo has a table where a girl covers herself in soap suds or oil to be fondled by strangers DO NOT HESITATE to take her short time. The girls will do anything to please in the ST room. No "starfish" syndrome here. A starfish is where a girl lays on her back motionless with her arms and legs at 45 degree angles and does nothing. Not with Mam. Something is even better when a whore is unassuming. It's easy to imagine Mam working at a Tesco Lotus or 7-11 instead of being finger fucked nightly by strangers for tips. I for one and glad she's doing the latter. I fucked Mam with a condom, but that wasn't doing it. When her eyes were closed I pulled out and sneakily slipped off the condom, plunging back into her unprotected slit. An added benefit of the soapy table girls is they smell of clean soap in every crevice. Fucking Mam doggystyle I smacked her thick ass and came inside her. Mam felt the cumshot inside and looked back at me wide eyed. She jumped off the bed and did a duck walk to the bathroom to dispose of my seed in the toilet.