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Mut - 1st time teen bareback

There was NO WAY I was going to fuck a teen this pristine with a condom. Walking in the entrance of this Walking Street gogo I caught a teen dream out of the corner of my eye. She was sitting at the door on a stool eating noodles and my mouth was open in disbelief. Still stunned I continued inside to sit down. I checked out the stage and there were some cute girls but still had the door teen on my mind. Just as I finished my first draft beer in walked the door girl. Immediately I pulled over the waitress and ordered a drink for her. The girl came over and sat on my lap. My dick was rock hard and barely felt her weight on me. She said her name is Mut and 18 years old. My heart skipped a bear and I caressed her teen body. Perfect tits and a small ass. I asked her weight and she replied 37kg. I'm in LOVE!!! I paid Mut's 600 baht barfine and went to the shorttime room upstairs. Beforehand the mamasun came over to negotiable the short time fee and said 1500 baht for Mut. She could have said 10,000 and I would have agreed. In the room I kissed Mut and tasted strawberry lipstick. I peeled off her tiny booty shorts and went right into her tasty box. Her pussy tasted of sweetness and my tongue slipped between her soft folds. Mut closed her eyes and continued to get wetter and wetter. Mut sat up and kissed me, her small hands trying to roll on a condom while tasting her pussy juice from my mouth. She half rolled on the condom as I fingered her soaked teen pussy. I fucked her missionary with the condom still one. Mut laid on her back like a starfucked as my rubber cock went into her wet box. I withdrew my cock and pulled off the condom. Grabbing Mut by her hips I turned her doggystle and slide my bareback cock to the hilt in her unprotected teenage pussy. I wanted to BREED this little babe. Mut was more active doggystyle than she was on her back, rocking back and forth against my cock. I pounded her hard as her pussy hairs tickled my shaft. We went back to missionary and barebacked this teen angel DEEP. Grabbing her small tits as handles I fucked her hard again. We we in a nice rhythm as cum started spurting from my piss slit inside her young box. I pulled out and shot the remainder around her pussy lips. Mut smiled and kissed me, then hurried off to shower. I helped was her, taking joy in running my hands over her smooth body. Don't think I need to say this but will anyways. If you see Mut ANYWHERE drop what you're doing and taking this cutie short time (or long time if you like that). Fill her full of as much cum as you can and remember this treasured moment for the rest of your life.