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Nid - Hip Hop bareback milf

There's a new disco on Walking Street named "Flexxx". From the name at first I thought it was a gay disco. Nope! It's a disco that seems to cater to black guys and the girls who like them. Think of a more thuggish version of the Lucifer disco. I went inside and right away noticed the difference in the type of Thai girls. Very curvy, with big butts, little waists and kinky hair. Most were dressed hip hop style with NY Yankee baseball hats and such accessories. I order a 160 baht San Miguel light and 250 baht apple sheesha to chill and watch more of the disco. A few girls came by with their black customers, checking me out and grinding big asses into the lap of strangers. That's when Nid came over to me. I liked her style with her baseball hat and tight black miniskirt. Without saying a word Nid took a big hit of sheesha and blew it into my mouth. I inhaled the smoke and Nid chased the smoke with her tongue. We kissed and I cupped her full woman ass. After this introduction I asked her name and age. Nid said she's 30 years old and she's an old lady. Well fuck me, if she's old then I like old! I bought Nid a beer and she asked if her sister could join us. I said sure and over came a more unassuming Thai girl who just held down the bar stool while Nid and I dry humped each other. We danced for 20 minutes and I asked Nid if she wanted to go shorttime. She said yes and we left without discussing prices or anything. Nearby is a 300 baht shorttime room so we climbed the stairs. Nid in front so I could see that big ass swaying side to side. Inside the room Nid had another swig of her beer as I lifted her dress and rubbed her meaty ass. We kissed, tasting beer and the scent of sweat and perfume. I pulled off my pants and slid down Nid's panties. Nid covered her pussy with her hands and said "we shower?" I went down to her pussy and told her if it was smelly we could shower. Pleased to say it was scented like soap and tasted of candy. Nid laid in bed and lifted her thick thighs. I lapped at her sweet slit and Nid moved to my cock. We 69'ed and licked each other. Nid moved into doggystyle with her big ass pointed high. She knew exactly how to arch her back to present her pussy and asshole. I rubbed my bare cock against Nid's wet slit. Nid reached underneath and guided my cock directly in the bullseye of her sweet cunt. I went in balls deep, thrusting deep. After a few minutes it must have dawned on Nid that I wasn't wearing a condom. She said "don't cum inside please." I said I wouldn't, and fucked Nid while alternating slaps to each of her ample ass cheeks. Nid loved being fucked rough and her ass spanked, undoubtedly from the ruff crowd she normally beds at the disco. I turned Nid on her back and went inside her missionary. Nid kissed me and said she tasted her pussy on my lips. Then licked my lips clean. I lifted both Nid's arms and licked her armpits. Nid squirmed and giggled, then moaned with unexpected pleasure. Her pussy was pulsating on my cock and she begged me to cum inside her. I asked what baby did she have already and she said "two boys". So I replied "ok then will give you a little girl." Nid is a natural breeder and her legs wrapped around me. She said again and again that she wanted my cum inside. I blasted a big load inside her milf pussy and Nid reached around to my ass, holding me deep. We layed for minutes, my weight keeping my dick deep and sperm all the way inside. Nid looked at me like I was the love of her life as my sperm swam deep in her birth canal. Nid licked my ears while massaging my ass. My cock started to grow again in her cum filled pussy. I had to see that ass again and turned Nid doggystyle. What a beautiful sight. I licked her asshole and played with her hot clit. I went easily inside Nid's silky fuckhole again, fucking her until I dripped sweat on her shiny back and came all over her big ass. What a wonderful Pattaya night!