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Phung - Nana barebacking

Phung's a Bangkok gogo dancer with a strong Issan body. I was sitting in a Nana Plaza gogo and Phung slid into the seat next to me. At first there was zero chemistry so almost passed on her. She's the type of girl that while sitting with you, will point out other girls in the gogo to you. That's a big turn off. The girl sitting with you should always be turned into YOU, not trying to sell someone else. We broke the ice with Sambuca shots and Phung lit up with alcohol in her. She pushed her pink tongue in my mouth and locked eyes with me. I reached around her and rubbed the outer lips of her pussy through her flimsy string bikini. That made Phung kiss me more, closing her eyes and submitting completely. SHORT TIME! We got up to the room and Phung asked if I had a condom. I didn't and told her to go down the two levels of stairs to get one. She was hesitant, and I then said I'll give her extra tip to go bareback. This works almost every time and she examined my cock and agreed. I slid off Phung's jean booty shorts and immediately licked her pussy and asshole. Phung wiggled and laughed while licking her asshole with long strokes. I rubbed Phung's large bargirl feet and slid my bareback cock inside her. Phung's pussy was scented of cherries and intoxicating while fucking her. I placed Phung on top and she rode me cowgirl to a fantastic orgasm. Recommended!