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Shi - Fit milf condom trickery

Shi works at one of the gentlemen's houses in Pattaya. These places are off the beaten path and consist of a big house that is filled with girls that sit around in sexy outfits waiting for locals to pump and dump. The girls who work at these houses are normally a little older (Milfs). They are open daytime and afterwards many of the girls will find their way to the discos on Walking Street. I slid in to one to see what was offering. Looking over the place I was happy with the selection of Milfs waiting for cock. Shi came over to me with a short teal hooker skirt and big smile which was all the encouragement I needed. We had a few drinks then went into a nearby room to fuck. Shi's body is fantastic, with a meaty pussy and able to stick her ass out nicely during doggystyle. It was during doggystyle I slipped off the rubber and went balls deep inside Shi's unprotected pussy. Her elastic mommy cunt felt amazing and I pulled out and sprayed her buns with goo. The Thai lounge houses (Winchester, Kinaree, Jade House, Rojo, etc) are recommended stops on the Pattaya pussy tour.