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Tauey - Proper gogo whore

Tauey is a proper 22 year old gogo fuckdoll and is made to fuck. In her gogo I was finger-fucking her and playing with her rubbery asshole all for the price of a lady drink. At one point my cock was out and rubbing against her slimy snatch in the gogo. As the tip went into Tauey's pussy she wasn't concerned about a stranger barebacking her in the gogo, more that the mamasan would come over and see it. After a few shots I paid Tauey's barfine and she went to the dressing room to change. She popped out in a cute girlfriend outfit and we went off hand-in-hand. The closest ST rooms were at Tony's hotel. These rooms are shitty, but figured they'd do in a pinch. Once we got into the 300 baht room I remembered how shitty they are. No soap, the floor was a mess and the light in the bathroom didn't work. Tauey and I stripped down in a flash and started rubbing and kissing like horny rabbits. I licked her pussy and asshole like it was my last meal making her extremely wet. My cock was hard and throbbing while sliding it back and forth against her clit. The tip went into Tauey's bareback pussy and she asked for a condom. I said sure, and for her to get one. That seemed to be enough to make her happy and she just pulled me deep inside her wet clam. We fucked missionary and doggystyle, and I pulled out and shot a VERY stringy load all over her ass cheeks. It was Spiderman cum and her ass and pussy covered in my potent protein. We laid for a moment in the broken sweaty bed then went to the shower. While taking photos I noticed a dirty condom hanging from the shower hose. It was full of sperm and covered in shit. Somebody had a party in the room before me and another sign they don't do a good job cleaning the rooms. It didn't phase Tauey and she finished the water-only shower and dressed. I rubbed her pussy mound through her dress and Tauey's eyes got big and wanted another round. I unzipped my pants and pulled aside her panties. With a fast motion I was inside her again and trusted fast. Tauey was soaking wet again and it didn't take me long to cum. For this one I didn't pull out. I stayed rooted deep inside this perfect whore and dumped a nice load in her womb. Tauey giggled and without cleaning we left the room with my sperm inside her cunt. 100% recommended!