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Tay - 35kg beer bar anal milf

Tay is a tiny milf that works at a 2nd Road beer bar in Pattaya. Her smile is so big I swear I could see every one of her teeth! After a couple of drinks together I paid Tay's 300 baht barfine and went to a shorttime room upstairs from the bar. The room was a dump but as always it doesn't matter what the room looks like. The only thing on my mind was seeing and getting inside that little mommy pussy. Tay stripped naked and shyly covered her smallish boobies. I kissed her big mouth and cupped her ass cheeks. Tay dropped to her knees and licked my salty cock. Her lips surrounded the tip as her tongue swirled. Tay's eyes were closed as she sucked probably the 1000th cock of her bargirl career. I laid Tay back and looked at her cunt. It was big and already gaping. I moved closer and smelled her moist slit. Tay bit her lip as my tongue went to work on her clit. Licked down her pussy lips and into her get crevice. I moved up and Tay rolled an extra thick condom onto my hard cock. I went into her babymaking hole with it on. Her pussy hole was large and I banged into her box with all my might. I could barely feel a thing inside that big pussy. I pulled out my dick and reached down pulling off the thick condom. My bare cock rubbed against hole and felt so much better. Tay looked down as my bareback cock entered her. She closed her eyes and lift her legs, probably hoping I'd finish soon. No chance of that. I flipped her doggystyle and pushed back into her mushy hole. As I fucked her it was the first time I got a look at Tay's asshole. It was HUGE, puckering and opening with each thrust. I licked my thumb and pressed it against her backdoor. My thumb easily went inside Tay and could feel my cock against her anal wall. I spit more on her asshole and pulled my cock out and pressed it against Tay's anal ring. It wasn't until the tip was completely inside her ass when Tay reached back and slowed my entry into her asshole. I spit more on my cock and held Tay's arms, pressed my weight into her. My cock was now firmly up her ass and throbbing. I stayed inside her deep without moving, giving a chance for her sphincter muscles to relax. Once I felt no pressure I started moving in and out of her ass. More spit for lube as I fucked her harder and harder. Tay's asshole was loose and open, wet with spit and whatever else was deep inn her bowels. I slowed my pumping and brought my cock outside her asshole making it gape open. Right as her asshole door closed I slammed back into making Tay moan. While fucking her ass I reached underneath Tay's small body and fingerfucked her cunt. It was dripping wet and anchored two curved fingers while assfucking her. I wanted that cunt again and pulled out of her ass. Good thing a towel was nearby and I pulled out of her wrecked asshole and wiped my cock off. It was clean enough. I rolled Tay onto her back and went balls deep in her wet cunt. Tay took every sweaty thrust from me and I grunted and came, splashing her hole and finishing on her mommy cunt lips. Even with the window open it smelled of sweat, pussy and anal sex in the room. The smell knocked me to my senses and we grabbed towels and went to the shower. Inside the shower Tay filled up her hand with an over abundance of liquid soap and washed me from head to toe. After I was covered in suds she used shampoo and washed my hair. Tay is another shining example of what makes Thai pussy so amazing.