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Tuu - Redhead 2x cum

Tuu is 21 years old and dances at a Walking Street gogo. Red hair and a soft supple ass and tiny waist. Tuu had the intoxicating sweet smell of perfume and sweat. Her thermones were giving off the scene that she was ready to breed and I was willing to oblige. After a few drinks and playing with her pussy through her flimsy panties I barfined this angel. They could have told me 10,000 baht and I would have paid (well maybe not), because I had to have this pussy. We floated to a nearby short time room and without showering I went right into Tuu's tasty neatly shaved clam. Tuu moaned and rolled around in the bed, her hands clutching the sheets. I kissed up from her pussy, to her nipples and up to Tuu's lips. We deeply kissed and my cock rubbed against her wet pussy. It bobbed up and down against her slit and I kissed Tuu's ears and neck. We had bought a condom from the clerk at the short time hotel but it stayed in it's package. My cock found it's bullseye and sunk slowly into Tuu's hot young cunt. Tuu continued to kiss me as I ravished her. Just writing this story I'm getting an erection again because it was so erotic. I was balls deep in this angel, my balls slapping against her asshole. I reaised up Tuu's arms and licked her sweaty armpits. She bucked her pussy fully against me and moaned that she wanted my baby. I asked her what she wanted, a boy or girl and she knew right away she wanted a baby girl. After licking her armpits I went back to her lips, letting Tuu taste herself. She licked my tongue like it was the most delicious dessert on earth as I fed her. After a few more minutes of thrusting I flipped her over to see that glorious Thai ass. Tuu's asshole was a little furry and I licked her asshole. She tried to squirm away but I held her hips tight and dined on her anus. I dropped down to her pussy making it wet again and immediately started pounding her doggystyle. After only a few minutes I started to spurt, cumming inside Tuu shallow for that baby girl then the rest of her ass. Tuu realized she could now be knocked up and went into the bathroom to wash her pussy. I laid on the bed in complete satisfaction, basking in the glow of my conquest. Tuu came out and started to dress. I showered breifly and dressed as well. After tipping Tuu, she started rubbing my cock and saying she was still horny. Pulling aside the bottoms of her one-piece sexy outfit and licked her pussy again. While licking her I dropped my shorts and my hard cock sprung free knowing it was going to be inside this babe again. Holding her bottoms aside I barebacked Tuu again. She bit her lip as I fucked her. The bottoms were rubbing again my cock so pulled off her outfit for another session. Pulling aside her g-string panties I pounded Tuu doggystyle again, playing with her butthole until cumming again on her ass. Tuu is a billion percent recommended!