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Wan - Legs a go go BBW

Wan has big fat titties and an ass to match and dances in a seedy go go on Soi Pattayaland. It was amusing to find giant titties at a place called "Legs", but fuck it. You take them as they come. I wasn't quite ready for a nut, since I had just finshed at a bj bar on Soi 13/2 beforehand. But when Wan flipped her fat titties out of her bikini top there was a familiar stirring in my shorts. Wan grabbed my head and forced my face into her cleavage. With those titties surrounding my head all of the sounds of the go go were blocked by her ta ta's! Wan has a sweet face (to me) and it's not often to see boobies that big in Thailand so that in it's self was worth a short time. Not to mention Wan said I could take photos of her and her big ol' titties in the short time room! We went upstairs and Wan stripped down naked and headed to the bathroom. I watched as Wan soaped up her mams in the shower, juggling her milk cans and the water flowed off her nipples. In bed Wan admitted she hadn't been fucked for a month and was REALLY horny. I placed my cock between her thick thighs and rubbed the head against her fleshy pussy folds. I fucked her hairy box for a while, then blew a load on her tits. :)