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Yaya - Big brown Surin ass

The best part about short times is you never know what's going to happen. Take tonight for example. On the hunt I come across drunk brown Surin goddess. Always have a soft spot for Surin girls. They are darker than regular Thais and more curvy. That means tits and ass!!! Yaya was stumbling along and broke her shoes. Luckily in Thailand there's a shoe and food cart every 3 meters so she was able to get a cute pair of thongs. We got in the room and made sweet love together. Yaya's body is even better than I imagined with silky skin and full womanly tits on her teen body. I slide my cock inside her slick shaved pussy and every moment was pure pleasure. I shot a load of jizz all over her bare pussy. It took all the power I could muster to last as long as I did. Check out that ass in her jean shorts. Fuckin yum!