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Yindee - Gogo creampie

I ventured into this Bangkok gogo and my eyes caught a beautiful sight. On a small platform stage was a gyrating butt butt sticking out from under a micro miniskirt. It hypnotized me and with the girl turned she greeted me with a big sweet smile. I wasted no time buying her a lady drink and she introduced herself to me as "Yindee". 24 years old and ran her hands all over my body, stopping to squeeze and stroke my cock through my pants. I asked Yindee for short time and agreed on a price. She let me know there was a ST room nearby so no time was wasted getting dressed then undressed. We got in the room and it was the perfect raunchy fuckfest. I licked Yindee's sweet Thai pussy and after a 69 session she planted her shaved cunt on my bare cock. Her pussy was dripping wet and she easily slide down my throbbing shaft. Yindee rode me cowgirl and I let her know I was about cum. She kept bouncing and I shot a HUGE load inside her babymaking womb. Yindee wrapped her around around me as I re-entered her cum sripping clam. After catching out breath Yindee cleaned me off with a moist towelette and we kissed. An absolutely perfect short time experience and 100% recommended.