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Yuyee - Condom removal ST

Yuyee's hot ass packed in cut-off denim bootyshorts and shaking on stage was a sight to behold. She came off stage in a pack of two other girls, hustling for drinks. So had her sit down for a drink to see if there was chemistry. As she stuck her long tongue down my throat I knew we'd click just fine. :) I paid her hefty 1000 baht coyotee barfine and Yuyee went off to change clothes. She came back in a girlfriend dress and we speed off to a nearby short time room. Yuyee stripped naked and wrapped herself in a towel. She went into the toilet to "freshen up" then came out and flopped on the bed. Yuyee's pussy was beautiful and DELICIOUS. She wanted to fuck immediately, likely to have a quick ST and back to work. First I had to experience that long tongue around my cock and it was worth the effort. Yuyee's blowjob skills were fantastic and she swirled all around the shaft and tip. Yuyee wanted an condom and asked if I had one. I didn't, and asked if she had one. She didn't either so we called to the front desk to get a box delivered. In true Thai short time fashion on the wall was a comprehensive condom menu. We made our selection and for 70 baht a box was brought over. Yuee rolled on the rubber and I fucked her wet box. It felt nice and pounded her slit for about 15 minutes. I really wanted to bareback this little angel and slipped off the condom and rubbed my bare cock against her slit. Yuyee didn't notice and I went inside her. After just a minute of fucking we switched positions and before I could go back in she noticed the condom wasn't on. Yuyee gave me a impish look and told me to get another, and rolled it on. We fucked more and she started to ask me if I was ready to cum. This isn't the best way to build to a climax and told her maybe I'd had too much to drink. Yuyee looked at me came right out with a raised price to bareback her pristine cunt. Hell yes! She was surprised I jumped at the chance and asked to see the money first. I went to my wallet and she went into the toilet to piss. When Yuyee came back to a pile of baht on the bed and that made her pussy extra wet. I licked her piss fresh slit and went right into this angel bareback. She didn't want me to cum inside her, so knew it would be extra fun to toy with this whore and tell her I was going to knock her up while inside her unprotected pussy. Fucking Yuyee raw, balls deep in missionary felt amazing, I pinned up her little legs and slide deeply in her shave slit. We switched to cowgirl so I could do a video and loved having her slam down hard on my cock. Almost too hard, since the next day had bruises from her great ass slamming down! Yuyee rode me and I started to cum inside her. Yuyee knew what was up and jumped off my cock quickly. Cum shot all over her ass cheeks and only my belly. Yuyee ran off to the bathroom to clean herself as I marveled in the bliss of bareback whores who will do anything for a little extra cash.